Tofu sausage with garlic (250g)

Tofu sausage is a veganversion of the classic deli sausage, with as much as 21 grams of proteiin in it. This sausage is made from very high protein tofu and with added real garlic for a nice but not too strong garlic taste. Read more


What is garlic tofu sausage?

Tofu sausage is a traditional unsliced deli sausage and, as the name suggests, its main ingredient is tofu, which we produce in our Estonian factory from soya beans grown in Europe. We’ve added real garlic to the sausage, which gives it a light but distinct garlicky flavour.

How to consume tofu sausage?

Garlic tofu sausage is equally delicious on a sandwich or in a potato salad. You can cut just as thick a slice or as neat a sausage cube as you fancy. We also like to pan fry our sausage slices or make an old-fashioned sausage gravy. It’s especially good for garlic enthusiasts.

Nutrition claims

Tofu sausage is made from soya grown in Europe, which is always GMO-free even if it doesn’t state that explicitly on the packaging. Sausage is high in protein, low in saturated fat. 100% vegan, of course, like all our products, down to the last flavour.

More info

Package dimensions: 175 x 47 x 47 mm

Storage: 0 – 6 ◦C


Ingredients: Tofu 40% (water, soybeans, firming agent magnesium chloride), water, wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, modified starch, garlic, salt, smoke flavouring,  colour iron oxide.


100 g contains


1096 kJ/ 264 kcal


18 g

of which saturates

1,62 g


5 g

of which sugars

0,3 g


21 g


1, 74 g

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