Carob powder, lightly roasted (800G)

Carob is a naturally sweet powder from carob tree pods that is used like cocoa for its rich brown colour and sweet caramel like taste. Read more about carob


What is carob?

Bon Vegan Carob powder is fully natural product, without any artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers, colourings or preservatives.

This 800 gr package contains lightly roasted golden brown carob powder, nothing more. Carob powder is naturally sweet substitute to cocoa that has been used for 4000 years.

How to use?

Carob powder can be added to any desserts to substitute cocoa. Because of its natural sweetness there no need to use sugar. You can bake a delicious brownie, make a tasty milkshake, add it to muffins, cookies, puddings, truffles, smoothies – wherever you would usually use cocoa and also in the same ratio as cocoa powder.

Nutrition claims

Carob is high in fibre and low in fat. It is naturally sweet and caffeine free which makes it a desirable and tasty addition to your diet. Bon Vegan carob is also gluten free.

More Info

Size of the package: 210x90x300 mm 

10 packages in a box  

8 Boxes in a pallet layer 

8 layers 

640 packages on a pallet 

Shelf life from production – 12 months 

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Ingredients: lightly roasted carob powder 


Nutrition declaration  

100 g contains  


1168 kJ/ 

281 kcal 


0,5 g 

of which saturates  

0,1 g 


40,1 g 

of which sugars  

31,9 g 


49,6 g 


4,3 g 


0 g 

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