Seitan (200G)

Wheat kebab slices that have more protein than any meat kebab. Read more about seitan.


What is seitan?

Seitan is famous vegan kebab that is made from wheat protein. Wheat protein is cooked, seasoned, and cut into slices that resemble kebab meat. Seitan has more protein (30 g per 100g) than any meat kebab.

How to use seitan?

Seitan is already cooked and seasoned and ready to use. Just heat it up on a frying pan, oven or grill and use it in kebab, burritos, on a sandwich or pizza.

Try it with tomato-basil salsa on polar bread. For salsa:
– a polar bread
– pack of Bon Vegan seitan
– 2 tomatoes
– Handful of fresh basil
– 2 gloves of garlic
– Salt and pepper
– olive oil for taste
1. Chop tomatoes and basil
2. Add finely chopped garlic (or use a garlic press) and oil, salt, pepper
3. Set aside for 10 minutes so that all flavors would mix really well
4. Serve on polar bread with Bon Vegan Seitan

Nutrition claims:

Seitan is high in plant-based protein and low in saturated fat.

More info

Package size:  135 x36 x 185 mm

Storage: 0 – 6 ◦C



Ingredients: water 53%, wheat protein (gluten 34%), wheat flour, rapeseed oil, nutritional yeast flakes, soya sauce, salt, dried onion, spices, sugar, lemon juice, potassium sorbate.



Nutrition declaration

100 g contains


837kJ/ 198 kcal


3,1 g

of which saturates

0,3  g


12,7  g

of which sugars

1,2 g


4 g


29,7 g


1,9 g


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