Smoked tofu (220g)

Smoked tofu is made from soya beans in a process equivalent to producing cheese and smoked in a pure beech smoke. Read more about smoked tofu



What is smoked tofu?

Smoked tofu is prepared first like any other tofu: soya beans are boiled to get soya drink which is then coagulated to form a curd and pressed into tofu blocks. These tofu blocks are then put into real beech wood oven where they acquire smoky flavour and brown colour.

As for all our soya products – we use only non – GMO soya beans that come from Europe.

How to prepare tofu?

Smoked tofu has a genuine smoky taste and smell due to its natural smoking process, so some say it therefore resembles smoked fish. It is tasty even without any preparation, but it is also great in pea soup for example, pastas, poke bowls, paellas, in wraps etc.

Nutrition claims

Smoked tofu is rich in protein and low in saturated fat.

Our tofu is always GMO- free as are all our soya products according to EU regulation 1830/2003, which requires to clearly label the products that contain GMO. So, any soya product label in Europe that does not state that it does contain GMO, can be safely used as GMO- free.

More info

Package size: 110x 70 x 35 mm

Storage: 0 – 6 ◦C


Ingredients: water, soya beans, salt, beech smoke


Nutrition declaration

100 g contains


639 kJ/ 152 kcal


7,58 g

of which saturates

1,12 g


2,8  g

of which sugars

0,6 g


18,28 g


1,05 g


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