Soft tofu (300 g)

Soft tofu is made from soya beans in a process equivalent to producing cottage cheese. Read more about soft tofu



What is soft tofu?

Soft tofu is prepared from soya beans like any other tofu but instead of pressing the tofu into a thick block, it is left grainy resembling cottage cheese.

As for all our soya products – we use only non – GMO soya beans that come from Europe.

How to use soft tofu?

Soft tofu is an excellent basis for baking. You can use it to make vegan cheesecakes or pies and it is the essential ingredient for making famous vegan eggless scramble. We also like to add it to smoothies in the morning to add protein.

For acrambled tofu you need:
– pack of Bon soft tofu
– salt
– pepper
– 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
– turmeric
– medium onion
– oil for cooking
1. Saute chopped onion. Add tofu when onions are golden
2. Add all the seasoning and serve with lots of hummus and your favourite veggies in a gabbage bowl. 

Nutrition claims

Soft tofu is rich in protein, low in saturated fat and low in sodium.

Our tofu is always GMO- free as are all our soya products according to EU regulation 1830/2003, which requires to clearly label the products that contain GMO. So, any soya product label in Europe that does not state that it does contain GMO, can be safely used as GMO- free.

More info

Package size: 135x 36 x 185 mm

Storage: 0 – 6 ◦C


Ingredients: water, soya beans


Nutrition declaration

100 g contains


560 kJ/ 134 kcal


7,41 g

of which saturates

1,1 g


2  g

of which sugars

0,6 g


14,79 g


0,03 g

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